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We run web promotion campaign for a website in such a way that it gets maximum benefit for a business. We help to get a website noticed as we have the experience in website promotion services. We can work with you to identify your goals, where you want to see your site at search engines until we achieve our goal for the site.

Website is you 24x7 online marketing representative. Our focus is to give you best online brand value so that you can reap maximum out of your website. Our best website designer will coordinate with you so that we can send your message across to your prospective patron. Believe in us and we will deliver best.

Looking for a creative agency that can launch/revamp your brand in a big way? Our team of highly skilled designers and marketing professionals specializing in state-of-the-art visual communications which include photography, logo designing, catalog designs etc.

Search Engine Submission Services

Search engine submissions is the process of publishing your website within the search engines. There are many and varied types of search engines that all evaluate a website in their own unique way. Optimising a website to perform within the search engines, is the only method to achieve high rankings. Submission, without prior Website optimisation or search engine optimization-seo, is merely a waste of time as no substantial ranking will ever be gained. Basically, your website will be floating aimlessly with the other billions of websites that are never seen by anyone other than friends and family.

We utilise several methods to achieve search engine submissions of websites. Manual submitting a website to directories and search engines, will allow your website to be picked up and listed within few months. This is actually the preferred method by the engines. It is also essential that the service providers and the web site owners ensure implementation without any spam and unethical means for long-term stability, name, fame and business integrity.

Entire Search engine submission process includes:

Search Engine Analysis -

Here the Search Engine Specialist team at Softlogics assesses the compatibility of your existing site with search engines. This requires extensive study of each individual search engine and web crawlers' behavior. With this research complete, a strategy for search engine registration and optimization is designed.

Keywords, Meta tags and Gateway Pages -

These are the various tools and techniques that are finalized for your site. This would entail coordination between Softlogics and the client to arrive at the final set of registration patterns.

Website Optimization -

This is the essence of the entire search engine promotion strategy. Your website would be revamped and redesigned keeping optimization rules as per international standards in mind. This parameters compliance is done by specialized web designing manpower. Moreover, the designing is done with an attempt to cause minimum change to your website's look and feel.

Search Engine Registration -

The next step towards the implementation of the plan involves registration with National and International search engines. This stage demands regular manual registration of the site. The registration is done with numerous world -class search engines like Google, AltaVista, Yahoo, Rediff, Indiatimes, AskJeeves, Looksmart, Khoj etc. to give your site maximum reach and coverage.

Registration Follow-ups -

Following up the registration process deeply effects the success rate of the project. This not only involves regular maintenance of the registrations but also monitoring the progress of the site. This process goes on not only till the site gets registered among the top pages but also afterwards.

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